Coucool takes place from noon on Saturday, 24 September to noon on Sunday, 25 September in the heart of a magnificient forest, set in a beautiful former stable located 40 minutes outside of Paris.
The precise location will only be sent to participants.
After 6pm on Saturday 24th, there will be no more access by shuttles or any other means.

How to get there :
- Direct shuttle from & to central Paris
- 40 minutes drive from central Paris
- 40 minutes train ride from central Paris + 3 minutes free shuttle bus.

Eating & Drinking :
Food & Beverages are free of charge : there will be plenty, for all tastes, religions, and all dietary requirements.

Sleep :
Bring your tent and camp on the sand under the stars in a forest.


Etymology : Portmanteau word composed of Coucou (French for ‘Hello’, also the onomatopoetia ‘Cuckoo’) & Cool
coucool \ kukɔɔl \ male and female identical

1. Adjective: Indicates an object, person or situation that has the characteristics of being particularly spontaneous, caring and joyful.
• "Jack and his panda jumped together in the ball pool. To be sure, their day was turning out to be coucool ... " (Éros Sélavy, 1927)
Other uses: as a greeting in a coucool context
• "Coucool my brother / sister! "

2. Common noun: Curious bird that is known for dancing in groups at sunset to percussive rhythms, named after the call that it makes when it is satisfied.
• "... Coucoooooool Coucoooooool"

3. Not to be confused with: those (many) English speakers not yet fully accustomed to the French tongue must avoid the word “coucouilles” \ kukɔi ; a pejorative term for testicles.

It’s the greeting of the curious stranger, that surprises then reassures. Simultaneously with this greeting, everything around us becomes suddenly coucool itself. You are likely to see vibrations and sparkles after hearing the words « ‘Coucool », everything that pleases me and entertains you, with people leading you by the hand to show you what they have found over there.

It is a particular spectrum of the rainbow sky coucoolors at this time of year, the music that takes the rhythm of multiple hearts at once, a glow of the mirror ball on our fur coats, and a love that flows freely.


I want to take you back to beautiful moments in time I shared with my community in the past years. We skated together in an disused club, we celebrated music in the shadow of an Egytian column, raved in a parking lot, danced in a wharehouse, a abandoned quarry, a mansion, or at the foot of the French Statue of Liberty.

And still I dream of moments in parentheses, free from conventions and the rules of necessity. I dream of events without consequences; an abundance of creation and exploration of possibilities.

It is this re-discovery of the intensity of collective experience that drives me to express these usually repressed feelings.

My sincere desire is to see a happy community, illuminated by the happiness of a shared moment.

Come dance with us.

Send me your love and your creations.,


Our Principles

Every benevolent being is welcome.

Gifting : participants come with small presents to offer, on the fly, to their soulmates or a stranger.

Leave no trace : we have absolute respect for the venue and the natural environment.

Self expression is free and encouraged.

Be spontaneous and cast-off the ego.

Everyone is responsible for themselves.

Be considerate to others & respect the community and our principles.

Coucool is a collective work : interact and create together.

Participation (Tickets)

We prefer to speak of Participations instead of tickets: the financial participation being one among many.

In exchange for your contribution we provide dinner on Saturday night, breakfast on Sunday morning, beverages and a shuttle from and to the nearest train-station on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Coucool is a community: participate in one of our events and get the benefit of a reduced rate for future editions.

Coucool is a non-profit project, the profits will be donated to charities: Les Restos du Cœur, the most established food bank and soup kitchen in France, for this inaugural creation.
Billetterie Weezevent


Coucool’s line-up and programme is never revealed in advance, but :

A millenium oak,
A protected Forest,
A former hunting lodge,
Abandoned stables…

Where you can hop in a bouncy castle,
Or pledge honour Céline Dion on Karaoke,
Vibrate with a fanfare or techno beats,
Give small gifts to your soulmate or a stranger,
Parading in your birthday suit or your technicolour dreamcoat,
Go into ecstasies amid the howls’ of sounds,
Feast, drink & then sleep on the sand.

Coucool - 24/09/2016
En / Fr
Coucool is a biannual artistic celebration
hosted by Éros Sélavy
Artwork : Léa Chassagne